8-centimeter foam protective frame border

ensures comfortable sleep by preventing the edges

of the mattress from sagging


The supporting design of the protective frame border guarantees a safe night’s sleep

by preventing rolling off the bed. The innovative foam border also allows you to comfortably

relax no matter whether you are lying down or sitting on the edge of the bed. Furthermore,

it protects the internal spring structure, thus increases the service life of the mattress.

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REEZ = Science + Technology + Healthcare

REEZ incorporates not only advanced science and

technology, but comprehensively protects your health.

Natural latex inside kills bacteria and mites. Mattress surface treatment blocks

allergens further protecting and improving your health.

The REEZ dual-control mattress keeps everybody happy because the firmness level of the right

and left sides of the mattress can be independently set to make sure everybody gets up on the right side of the bed.

REEZ intelligent mattress

When 2 people share the same bed, often at least

one of them doesn’t get a good night’s sleep.

They have different mattress firmness needs,

but unfortunately both the right and the left sides

of the typical mattress are exactly the same.

8-centimeter foam protective frame border






To ensure you enjoy the highest quality

sleep, the REEZ intelligent mattress incorporates:

A premium cashmere soft surface fabric

Natural wool underlining for additional comfort

Digital control that allows any desired comfort level suitable

for any back shape or condition to be easily set


 A double layer high-tech highly-responsive sponge cushion ensuring that body weight is evenly distributed, thus providing the perfect lumbar protection and natural support for the body.

D.D.S. System

Dynamic Double Spring system


Dynamic double spring with separate support

and multipoint pressure relief gently

supports the weight of the body.





REEZ intelligent mattress
Won many international recognitions It has won many international invention recognitions and patent technologies Geneve Salon International Des Inventions / Gold Medal
Seoul International Invention Fair / Gold Medal
Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart / Gold Medal
2015 Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award.

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